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Service Alert

Planned relocation of Routes 21, 26, 42, 49, 55, 186, 816, 899 starting July 6 is postponed. Service for these routes continues at Five Points and Georgia State (899). Five Points service impacts scheduled for July 29, including restricted street-level access and station service relocation, are paused. Visit for service alerts.

Service Alert

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Atlanta, GA

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Planning and Design


Concept Development and Public Engagement

Reimagine Five Points

Since 1981, Five Points Station has been the heart of Atlanta’s downtown and the central transfer point between all rail lines. This summer, MARTA will begin the process of transforming the Five Points Station into a vibrant city center with improved transit connectivity, increased safety, and enhanced customer amenities.

This transformative station redesign will include: 

  • Revitalized plaza and platform levels

  • Improved navigation and wayfinding

  • Expanded public space for future retail and activities

Key Considerations for MARTA:

  • Station Access

  • ADA Access

  • Pedestrian / Customer Experience

  • Pedestrian / Customer Safety

  • Bus Routing Efficiency / Improvements

  • Special Event / Incident Resiliency

  • Curb Usage for other MARTA needs (Police, Kiss-n-Ride, Facilities, Staging, etc.)

  • MARTA is a Transit Agency; Five Points is the Hub

What's in the Works

MARTA's Five Points Station is set for a significant transformation to enhance transit connectivity, safety, and amenities. Starting in July, we will begin deconstructing the concrete canopy as the first phase of this project. The transformation includes a new, light-filled canopy, a centralized bus hub, and reconnecting Broad Street for pedestrians. Additional improvements will feature community spaces, public art, and urban agriculture.

Transformative Principles

The following principles were established to guide the design process:


Provide seamless transit connectivity and connect flows of people

Environmental Comfort

Allow daylight and fresh air to the station below


Negotiate grade change and improve sightlines

Civic Heart

Create a vibrant beacon for the district


Support a diverse collection of programs

Public Benefits

Pedestrian Experience

Creating a welcoming and safe destination that incorporates elements like landscaping, lighting, wayfinding

Public Art

Honoring the legacy of the Five Points Station by incorporating public art throughout and creating designs that reflect the culture of the neighborhood


Improving mobility and access for buses, cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists to bring different modes together in a safe and efficient way

Community Space

Reimagining how we use the station's open space to transform the station into a destination where people come to gather together


Incorporating sustainable design and construction practices and creating green spaces in an urban environment that captures the spirit of Atlanta’s moniker as a “City in a Forest”

Bus Connections - Who We Serve

Five Points Station currently serves 10 bus routes (seven terminate there and three pass by). When compared to the rest of MARTA’s service area, these routes provide direct access to our heavy rail system with fewer transfers and shorter travel times, which means greater access to opportunity. The demographics for the routes are shown to the right.

MARTA is working on a rework of its bus network and there could be a change in its service to Five Points.

Bus Services Terminating at Five Points Station:

21 - Memorial Drive

26 - Marietta Street/Perry Boulevard

42 - Pryor Road

49 - McDonough Boulevard

55 - Jonesboro Road

186 - Rainbow Drive/ South DeKalb

816 - Highland Avenue

Through-Routed Bus Services at Five Points Station:

3 - Martin Luther King Jr. Drive/ Auburn Avenue

40 - Peachtree Street / Downtown

813 - Atlanta University Center

Bus Routes and Demographics:

  • Six routes serve higher-than-average minority populations. (3, 42, 49, 55, 186, and 813)

  • Seven Routes serve higher-than-average populations in poverty (3, 26, 42, 49, 55, 186, and 813)

  • Seven routes serve higher-than-average disability populations (3, 21, 42, 49, 55, 186, 813)

  • Nine routes serve populations with more-than-average zero-car households (3, 21, 26, 40, 42, 49, 55, 186, and 813)

  • 22% in poverty, compared to 18% network-wide

  • 19% of households are zero-vehicle, compared to 13% system-wide

  • 12% live with a disability, compared to 11% system-wide

Partner Transit Networks


A Team of Global Leaders

This transformation project is led by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM), a global leader in city design, transportation planning, and structural design. SOM is supported by several core subconsultants (Axis Infrastructure, EXP, and Tate and Hansen) and a number of specialty subconsultants.

MARTA Project Team


Keli Davis, Director of Facilities Program Management,

Romon Moultrie, Project Manager,

For information about the Five Points Station Rehabilitation project, please contact Project Manager Tyronne Rollins,

Core Support


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Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

Architecture, Structures, Sustainability, Project Management

Axis Infrastructure

Alternate Project Manager MEP


Civil Structural Engineering

Tate + Hansen

Architecture & Planning

Specialty Support


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